USA Track and Field

Dan O’Brien is an active host and participant of USA Track & Field “Win With Integrity” program. Dan has been a predominate leader and community mentor. This vital community out-reach program allows Dan and USA Track & Field athletes, past and present, to reach at risk children in communities across the country. The message to children of all ages, affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the YMCA and inner-city elementary, middle, and high schools, is the importance of drug-free competition. As well as, understanding how to set goals that encourage a healthy lifestyle, which allows them make positive and productive decisions for the present and future.

Win with Integrity

United States Olympic Committee

Dan has served as an Olympic Ambassador for many years. The Olympic Ambassador Program is one of the largest Olympic team initiatives in existence. This program allows O’Brien and other Olympians to mentor current Olympic athletes going for the gold. Prior to the 2012 Olympic Games, O’Brien will personally meet with almost each and every Olympic qualifier. His goal in mentoring Olympic athletes is to help prepare them to compete at their peak. O’Brien also advises the athletes on media training, performance preparation, and any other areas of personal concern.

Dan also serves as a key facilitator for the USOC “Reach the Peak Program.” Reach the Peak is a motivational workshop designed to help Olympic Training Center resident athletes maximize their use of the training center environment, establish new relationships with staff and fellow athletes, and take their performances to the next level. O’Brien’s approach helps the athletes to balance expectation and achievement in their individual sport.


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